The Candymancer Saga

Candies make everyone happy!

That's why you, a candymancer apprentice, were sent to make every creature around the kingdom of Candyland happy. By feeding them candies!

The Candymancer Saga is an RPG of epic proportions that features:

  • A combat system so simple that even your cat could master it!
  • Unlock 18 delicious candies with varying degrees of sugar!
  • An alchemy system based on clicking when you have the right candies!
  • An incredible plot full of pretentious metaphors about the videogame industry!
  • You can save your game even when the game is ten minutes long!
  • And load it too!
  • And mute the audio!

How To Play

  • Each area has a fixed number of enemies. You will have to make all of them happy in order to advance to the next area!
  • Making an enemy happy will increase your max HP. If you see yourself on the verge of dieing run away! You will keep your upgrades.
  • Creating a new candy by fusion will make you lose some candies in the process. The resulting candy will pretty much be better than the ingredients, so it's always worth it!

Thank you for playing!


Developed by Yellow Dinosaur Games.

Game Design - Luis Santamaria.

Made in Construct 2 by Scirra.

Art by Oryx.

Music by Kazune Sawatari and Antle.

Sound Effects made in Bfxr.

Testing - Carmen F. Silva.

Special Thanks - You!